Advertising on PCSrealty


This site is the cheapest way to advertise your house or property on the internet.  $10 dollars a month will get you as much text as you like and up to 5 photos.  Simply email me using the link below with your flyer, or information using a Word or Power Point document providing price, address, and contact information on the flyer, and good luck selling/renting your house.  It's that easy.  The purpose of this site is to save soldiers money, and we stick to our word.  Please spread the word about our site.


Additionally, if you would like to sell anything else on this site, or advertise services you provide, simply follow the same procedures listed above and email me using the link below.  Cost for this service is FREE for a limited time.  By advertising in this section you must agree to use fair prices, be courteous and agree to ship merchandise in a reasonable amount of time. You must also disclose the quality of items listed for sale.  PCSrealty cannot be held liable for any sales or transfer of funds between parties who choose to do business with someone found on this site.  However, we are all soldiers or have been soldiers and there should be no "buddy %$#^%" going on.


As a buyer you agree to pay the agreed upon price in a timely manner. All items purchased on this site are as-is. However, since we are all military, we will do the right thing.


Contact us by email (below) to list items or services.




Send cash or check to:    PCSREALTY (c/o Don Wolfe)

                              5519-A Gardner Dr.

                              Fort Polk, LA 71459


If you have any questions please email us using the link below.